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Three Ways SEO Changed The Music Industry in Chicago

SEO has become a major part of music in recent years, and the industry has changed big time compared to what it used to be like. Nowadays, music labels and musicians have started to grow accustomed to SEO and ranking to make it big.

A local digital company explains below in this video what SEO is and how it works. It is very important for any music industry to understand that it is no just about social media etc. Being found on search engines is one of the most important online factors for any music industry website.

These three ways have paved things for those who are to come

1) Helped Spread Music In Seconds

Music is not easy to spread, and that is why labels spend so much money on marketing. They are often unsure about what’s going to grow nad what’s not. However, SEO has changed the game and turned it on its head. This is the power of SEO because it has made music something that doesn’t have to take long to get from one place to another.

This is why most bands are looking at digital marketing with such fervor.

They realize if they want to get the word out and gain new fans, they have to use SEO to do so. People are going to find them, and they are going to spread the music to other people who love the same genre. What more can a band ask for?

This is something so many musicians have used in the modern age of music and marketing. They realize how things can start to flourish as long as they’re patient and understand what keywords to target.

Those who are not doing this and think traditional means will overpower digital marketing will be in for a rude awakening when things don’t grow at the desired rate, and they falter with time.

2) Globalized Music

In the past, it was hard for a small band to be heard in various countries such as India, Australia, or Ukraine. It just didn’t work out because they didn’t have the budget to do so.

It was only possible if they managed to book a tour through the region and people showed up through word of mouth.

Now, SEO enables people to latch on and become fans in seconds from any part of the world. You don’t have to do a lot of SEO work to get to this point, and that is what makes it magical as a form of marketing.

How many other methods can globalize a band before it makes it big? Many bands have started to employ SEO metrics because they work and that’s critical in the long-term.

They realize the band is going to rank well as long as they are going after those primary keywords and understand what the genre and its fans require.

This can only be done with SEO, and the power of globalization means more views, money, and growth. This is what musicians are after at the end of the day, and SEO makes it possible.

3) Enabled Smaller Brands To Get Noticed

In the past, if a band wanted to make it big, they needed to get behind a strong music label. This was the only way to go, and if they didn’t manage to impress, their career was finished before it began. This is where a lot of bands lost out and were never able to grow as fast as they wanted to.

However, SEO has made it possible for anyone to create good music, rank, and start gaining traction. It doesn’t need to be a label that’s backing them because the labels often come after nowadays. The bands are already successful before they are asked by labels to get on board and make even more money.

SEO has made it possible for anyone to think they have a legitimate shot and that’s the beauty of going down this path. It enables a person to dream big and know they have the chance to make it all the way and continue to grow the way that is desired.

How many bands were able to say this in the past?

It is these three ways that have made sure the music industry is not the same as it used to be. Yes, these three ways have paved things for those who are to come and will continue to do so.

A famaous quote “Online marketing is gaining in strength, and most musicians love how it works because it runs on more than luck. A person can easily rank and get things to work in their favor as long as they’re talented and have the right music.”

It eliminates some of the “middle men” that come along to help grow a band or musician’s brand.


How to Have Your Music Album Explode on Social Media

Social media marketing is a powerful tool for any musician. These days, most bands simply don’t have the money to invest in getting their music to appear in big publications, and it’s hard to justify them appearing on TV or the radio. So, instead of focusing on those more traditional forms of media, you need to get creative. Social media is a brilliant promotional avenue.

The best thing about social media is that when you start promoting, you get a team of fans. These fans can become your most passionate advocates – and you will find that your reach will grow and grow as time goes on.

Social media is a competitive place. While the vast majority of people have a social media account (usually Facebook), it is quite hard to get people to follow you on those sites. A few years ago, it was not uncommon to have people follow anyone and everything, but now social media is near ubiquitous, and every brand has a profile, people don’t want to see that much spam.


That’s why you need to work hard to engage with your fans. This is a key to success and if you are wondering how some sites and companies are dominating this is one of the strategies they use. So be patient and come up with a plan that will be highlighted what you do for the next 6 months.

The ‘rules’ for sharing on social media are quite similar across the board, whether you are thinking about music or something else entirely. The important thing is to remember that social media is not print, radio, or TV. The key word is “social.” We need to talk to people and give them a reason to talk back.

The most successful bands share content online and build engagement using that content. They give away a song or two as a way of promoting an album. They talk to their fans, and they build up relationships with other bands so that they can, collectively, benefit from the promotion. They pick issues that matter to them – and that aren’t likely to alienate people – and they take a public stance on them.

This is one area where you need to be careful. Taking a political stance could lose you fans. Supporting a mental health charity – if the message is authentic – is something that will help everyone.

During an interview, someone mentioned that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram aren’t the only social networks. If you’re looking to reach as many people as possible that are seeking out music – instead of people who are already fans – then you should market on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. These are great places to reach engaged and excited users who are looking for new music to listen to.

You could try running remix competitions – pick a ‘hidden gem’ song from your album and ask people to remix it. By doing this, you will get attention for your album from the fans of the artists doing the remix, as well as from your existing fans.

Reach is the number one thing that you need to consider when you are marketing your album. You can do a lot without spending money if you know how to talk to people. If you have a marketing budget, then you can significantly expand your reach. Even spending a few dollars per day will help you to get lots of new followers. Before you spend money, however, you need to pick the right target audience. Think about age groups, think about localities (perhaps targeting listeners in areas where you are touring), and other bands that they like. With the right target audience, you will get huge ROI on your social media marketing.